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I wanted to come up with something original, something that no one ever did before, something bigger then all the ideas mentioned above, something that was me, something that took effort and would mean something to Yisha. It was bugging me that I couldn't figure it out but then one morning, when I was getting out of bed the idea struck me. I thought to myself, "Why not Ask Jeeves?" The idea was simple, I bring Yisha to my office one day, and I sit down at my computer and type my name into Ask Jeeves. Then I read the results of my name and discuss them a bit with Yisha. Afterwards, I ask Yisha to type in her full name in Ask Jeeves. Presto, up comes one of Ask Jeeves's "Smart Answers" results. For example, do a search on Michael Jordan and you will see an image, link, bio and more links come up. I want the same thing to happen when you type in Yisha Tversky, but replace the image with a picture of us, have Yisha's name hyper linked to our soon to be made Web site (www.yishaandbarry.com), the middle portion contain red bold font phrase saying, "Yisha, Will You Marry Me? -- Love Barry" and links under that phrase to the yishaandbarry.com Web pages.

How do I plan it should go down? Continuing after what I said above, she types in her name into Ask Jeeves. What if she asks me why? I lie and say that her recent CBS News TV coverage of her at the League for Hard of Hearing (her job) is showing up under her name at Ask Jeeves. So she does the search and bam!, up comes that result that asks her to marry me. At that time, while I kneel behind her, I pull out flowers and the diamond ring from the surrounding drawers. She turns the swivel chair around and I ask her to marry me. What happens next, that is for the story page, but if I had to guess... The ring is so shiny it temporarily blinds her, and I have to drag her to the local hospital. :)

Jim Lanzone, Senior Vice President of Search Properties of Ask Jeeves, extended himself and his team to make this all possible. They worked with me, to make the timing and the results perfect. I would like to give a big thank you to Jim, Scott, Daniel and the Ask Jeeves team for making this all possible.

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